Our company is led by a team of nurses with over 20 years clinical experience, including specialist post graduate qualifications and expert knowledge in Infection Prevention and Control.

We offer a systematic review and evaluation of current practices against research-based standards with a view to improving clinical care and reducing health care associated infections.

Our hygiene audit tool will help you become compliant and keep you compliant .We also offer ongoing aftercare and support to our customers.

We are committed to a clean, safe healthcare environment and offer different packages tailored to suit your area of healthcare.

"It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best."

W. Edwards Deming

The Team

Glenda Hahn

CEO & Co-Founder

With 20+ years Nursing experience,patient centered care was always Glenda's focus. She is commited to helping healthcare facilities provide a clean, safe healthcare environment and has developed the best solution for infection control compliance and patient safety .

Glenda has developed an easier, faster and better approach to auditing. She is currently developing more functionality for the hygiene audit software platform.

Yvonne O' Loughlin

Clinical Director / Co-Founder

B.SC. Nursing/Msc Infection Prevention and Control

Yvonne is the Lead Clinical Auditor of Hygiene Audits and has over 20 years clinical experience. She is an expert in Infection Prevention and Control and customises the hygiene audits to each individual healthcare facility.

Yvonne is currently participating in the Academy for Social Entrepreneurs Ireland 2019. Hygiene Audits was selected for the academy as a high potential innovative solution to solve the social problem of health care associated infections in Ireland.

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