Award winning software solution for the management of Infection Prevention & Control in healthcare facilities.

Supported by Enterprise Ireland

Finalist in Google Adopt a Start-up 2020

Selected by Dublin Business Innovation Centre as 2020 "One2Watch" Futurescope Finalist.

At Hygiene Audits, our digital technology empowers healthcare workers and elevates hygiene standards.
Using our system reduces auditing and reporting time by up to 70% which translates into significant time savings. The software allows infection Prevention & Control processes to be electronically documented and audited by all members of staff and visible on a management dashboard.This system introduces 3 levels of defense in reducing infection risks and is proven to reduce infections by up to 50%.

A message from the founders.

"Working in the healthcare sector for many years we understand the challenges care workers face interpreting Standards for Infection Prevention and Control whilst at the same time tackling the never-ending paperwork .Our founding team hold Masters degree in Infection Prevention & control from the Royal college of Surgeons and have many years experience in acute and community healthcare settings.

We know that the future of hygiene management to reduce infections and deadly viruses requires an integrated approach and innovative technology to action incidents in real time not after the fact when it is often too late. We bring infection control standards together and harness technology to provide a solution that is having a real impact on reducing infections and helping our care staff save time so they can provide safe care to their patients.

"It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best."

W. Edwards Deming

The Team

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