IPC Advisory service    

"Every moment Counts".

At Hygiene Audits we provide our clients with an Infection Prevention and Control advisory service. Let us train an IPC Champion in your facility. This staff member will be trained on-site in our audit tool so they can monitor their own environmental hygiene standards with our support and back up.

This advisory service includes.

  • Telephone/email contact Monday -Saturday 8am-8pm
  • Access to IPC nurses by phone or email in case of emergency to help you deal with any outbreaks of infection in your facility
  • The back up of a team of professionals with key expertise in Infection Prevention and Control
  • Enabling accountability for infection control / thus giving you peace of mind

On-site facility assessment visits are extra to this service.

Extra services include

  • Hand hygiene observational audits
  • Environmental hygiene audits
  • On site training