Infection Control for Hygiene Supervisors in Nursing Homes

Join us on Friday 16th October | 1-2 pm GMT

Topics Covered

Hand Hygiene

Standard/ Transmission based precautions

The role of the Housekeeping Supervisor during COVID-19

About the Presenter

Yvonne O’Loughlin Clinical Director of Hygiene Audits. Yvonne is a Clinical Nurse Specialist/MSc Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)
and provides training accredited by NMBI. Yvonne has designed a training programme for hygiene leads in nursing homes to enable staff during COVID-19 to be prepared for HIQA inspections and ensure best practice

What is Hygiene Audits?

Hygiene Audits is a Software Auditing and Compliance tool for Nursing Homes. Encompassing House Keeping, Maintenance, and Hygiene Audits / Compliance.

  • Measure Compliance
  • Track & Trace Infection Risk
  • Ease of use with Automated Workflows
  • Supports all levels of Healthcare Staff