Best practice for clinical waste disposal.

Join us on Tuesday 15th December | 1-2 pm GMT

Topics Covered

Healthcare risk waste best practice

About the Presenter

Yvonne O’Loughlin Clinical Director of Hygiene Audits. Yvonne is a Clinical Nurse Specialist/MSc Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)
and provides training accredited by NMBI and onsite IPC and hygiene auditing to help prepare for HIQA inspections.

What is Hygiene Audits?

Hygiene Audits is a Software Auditing and Compliance tool for Nursing Homes. Encompassing House Keeping, Maintenance, and Hygiene Audits / Compliance.

  • Measure Compliance
  • Track & Trace Infection Risk
  • Ease of use with Automated Workflows
  • Supports all levels of Healthcare Staff